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Abstraction isn't about oversimplification but the philosophy of interpretation

Born in 1980 in Selangor, Malaysia, Richard Leow is a self-inspired artist whose work delves deep into introspection. Using acrylics and mixed media, Richard creates visually striking pieces that reflect his unique artistic voice, blending simplicity and minimalism—a style he began developing during his early years of doodling and sketching.

Richard's artistic practice encompasses a wide range of forms, including acrylics, mixed media, sketches, and digital art. His multifaceted background spans information technology, graphic design, and roles as a trainer, coach, facilitator, and consultant. Leading a company that assists businesses with branding, social media strategies, and system and interface design, he seamlessly integrates these experiences into his art. This journey, coupled with his lifelong passion for art, has coalesced into a distinctive creative perspective and abstract expression. Richard offers viewers a visual language that is uniquely his own, driven by pure artistic intuition.

"Abstraction isn't about oversimplification but the philosophy of interpretation," Richard says, encapsulating his approach to art. His work transcends mere brushstrokes on a canvas; it is an introspective journey that reveals his inner self. His canvases act as mirrors, reflecting the complex labyrinth of his mind and soul, and creating a dialogue with viewers that resonates deeply. This blend of minimalism and deep introspection invites viewers to explore their own thoughts and emotions, encouraging them to find personal meaning in his art.

Richard is enthusiastic about sharing his artworks with people, whether online, in his studio, or at exhibitions. He warmly invites you to engage with the inner world his art represents, to immerse yourself in his captivating pieces, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. By stripping away the unnecessary, Richard reveals essential truths about ourselves, inviting viewers to find their own meaning in his simple yet evocative pieces.

Richard Leow
Abstract Expressionist Artist

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